Environmental Initiatives

Bathurst Glen strives to meet the highest possible standards of environmental management in the following areas:

Environmental Planning

golf ball icon  Completion of a detailed site assessment and the development of an environmental plan. This step is designed to establish baseline data by taking stock of the property and its significant natural resources

Wildlife and Habitat Management

golf ball icon  Approximately 12 acres of previously manicured turf have been naturalized. The naturalization of these areas allows the development of natural corridors for wildlife protection.

golf ball icon  Various native planting projects including: 560 native trees and shrubs planted in 2007 with 25 volunteers; and 405 native trees and shrubs planted in 2008 with 14 volunteers.

golf ball icon  Installation of 60-plus nesting boxes throughout the course along with a one acre butterfly meadow.

marsh area at Bathurst Glen

Chemical Use Reduction and Safety

golf ball icon  Identification and establishment of no spray and low intensity management zones to protect sensitive environments and water bodies.

golf ball icon  Implementation of various sound cultural turf care practices including; regular aerification, top dressing, verticutting and de-thatching.

Water Conservation

golf ball icon  By incorporating evapotranspiration rates into irrigation practices, water consumption has been reduced by 20%.

golf ball icon  Eliminated non-target watering through installation of part circle irrigation heads.

Water Quality Management

golf ball icon  Installation of a closed-loop equipment washing system.

golf ball icon  Introduction of a water quality monitoring program. Water quality testing of all water bodies three times annually to monitor the health of water features

golf ball icon  Increased manicured turf height around water bodies to minimum of 3.5 inches to create a natural buffer zone and vegetated filtration strip.

marsh area at Bathurst Glen

Outreach Education

golf ball icon  Engaged the local community with volunteer planting and monitoring events.

golf ball icon  Hosted interpretive hikes and a focus group discussion with participation from local community members and interest groups.

golf ball icon  Implemented an educational component of our junior golf camps based around the environmental benefits of turf grass.

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